Strickly Business Safety Solution's CEO

Strickly Business Safety Solution's CEO

"Be Safe, Be Ready"

Darrin M. Strickland is a lifelong resident of the city of Buffalo, NY, and is a "true Buffalonian" being motivated to educate, help and empower others, he applied his passion and core skill-sets to launch Strickly Business Safety Solutions, specializing in Health and Safety Education and Training Consulting helping everyone to “Be Safe, Be Ready!”

Looking for a new and challenging path, in 2009 Darrin went through extensive research, training and testing to become a certified, registered “Professional Instructor” in the fields of health and safety!

Taking his Business Management and Communication education, coupled with real life work experiences, his natural and sincere desire to help others, with over 12-years of real world experiences in Emergency Management behind him, sparked his need to bring awareness and first-rate health and safety training programs to our community.

He brings the following credentials:

  • Site-specific Safety Audit & Preparedness
  • FEMA Citizen Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) Member/Instructor
  • Workplace Violence, Active Shooter Training
  • NYS Department of Transportation Highway First Responder
  • Incident Command System & Highway Safety Responsiveness Certifications
  • Certified CPR/AED/FirstAid (Essential, BLS and Pediatric)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (OSHA Copliant)
  • American Heart Association * American Red Cross
  • American Safety & Health Institue * National Safety Council
  • Approved NYS Department of Motor Vehicle's Defensive Driving Courses
  • Authorized AED Service Technicians
  • Babysitting Certification

At my core, I'm about helping others! Therefore, my team and I provide individuals, families, organizations and businesses the latest and best in health and safety preparedness programs and services."

- Darrin M. Strickland, Proprietor/CEO