AED Fundraiser in Buffalo, NY

"Saving Little Hearts"

January 4, 2021

On January 4, 2021, Strickly Business Safety Solutions, LLC kicked off it is “Saving Little Hearts’ AED Fundraising Campaign in February, in recognition of National American Heart Month. We are raising money to benefit area Childcare Providers, and we are seeking any size donation towards raising funds to purchase and install five (5) new Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) units and associated supplies, totaling $5,750.

Approximately 7,037 children, in the United States, died from of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in 2017 (American Heart Association, 2018). Giving CPR and using an AED increases chances of survival for someone having sudden cardiac arrest as it can restore normal heart rhythm by sending an electric pulse to the heart. Statistics show when CPR is used alone, there is a nine percent survival rate. If CPR and an AED are used together, there is a 50 - 70% survival rate. As AEDs become more widely recognized for their lifesaving abilities, public education, awareness, and training efforts continue.

Early intervention for sudden cardiac arrest is critical for survival. Victims only have minutes after suffering an attack until irreversible brain damage or even death. UNLESS there is early intervention within the first few minutes with CPR an AED.

Facts about Sudden Cardiac Arrest:

  • Sudden cardiac arrest is the No1 killer in this country.
  • 90% of people who experience an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest die.
  • Every Minute that passes after someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, their chance of survival decreases by 10%!
  • After 9 minutes severe and irreversible brain damage is likely.
  • CPR and an AED increases the chance of survival to 50%.

Due to financial reasons, many public places, including Childcare Providers are not equipped with an AED.

Remember that the only way to help someone having Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is to give CPR and use an AED.

With generous donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses, we can provide area Childcare Providers with lifesaving AED’s.

“Saving Little Hearts” year-long AED Fundraising Campaign appreciates all donations from its generous supporters.

You can give a minimum of $25 or more by clicking this Button:

To learn more and donate, head to, and if you have any questions, please contact Darrin M. Strickland Proprietor/CEO at 716.335.2523 or

Thank you for your support, as we help everyone "Be Safe, Be Ready"!