Become a Certified AHA CPR Instructor

Become a Certified AHA CPR Instructor

Taking our CPR Instructor Course in Buffalo, NY

Strickly Business Safety Solutions, LLC provides CPR/AED Instructor training through the American Heart Association (AHA).

A CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Instructor is the person that leads the class and provides current curriculums about how to perform CPR and use and AED in the case of an emergency. You will teach the correct procedures to help someone who suffered a cardiac attack. You will coordinate classes, evaluate the performance of the students, maintain records, and equipment and all related duties.

Strickly Business Safety Solutions, LLC seeks personable, initiative-taking, and responsible individuals to join our team of self-motivated Instructors. Our company offers CPR, AED, First Aid and several other courses and programs to individuals, schools, organizations, and businesses across our community. Ideal candidates should be comfortable speaking in front of a group, able to present a confident and calm demeanor prior, teaching experience helpful and be committed in learning how to teach others.

Requirements to become a CPR/AED instructor:

  • Must be at least 21-years of age to be considered for this position.
  • A full background check is completed.
  • Complete AHA Instructor Candidate Application.
  • Students must obtain a current AHA BLS (Basic Life Skill) CPR/AED certification.
  • Complete current AHA BLS Instructor Essentials Online Course.
  • Complete the 8-hour Instructor course taught by Strickly Business Safety Solutions, LLC.
  • Must have valid NYS Driver’s License and your own reliable transportation.
  • Available to travel, locally, regionally, and out of state.
  • Be available to teach at least 1 class per year per month, fulfilling training requirements.
  • Teach 2-classes while being audited by Strickly Business Safety Solutions, LLC faculty and receive high marks.

*These requirements are only for those who Strickly Business Safety Solutions, LLC chooses to offer contract employment to. Participation in this training course does not guarantee employment.

Highly Organized & Professional

Highly Organized & Professional

Strickly Business Safety Solutions, LLC offers CPR/AED instruction to those who are interested in providing others with CPR/AED and First Aid safety, and the knowledge and the skills on how to aid someone in a medical emergency.

If you are interested in taking our Instructor Training course to become a certified CPR/AED instructor for Strickly Business Safety Solutions, LLC, contact us at 716.335.2523 or submit your resume to today!