Our training programs are the ultimate ticket to preparedness, led by top-notch instructors who make learning both interactive and hands-on. Whether you're diving into CPR/AED skills or mastering workplace violence preparedness, our courses are tailored to empower you and your team. Plus, with flexible scheduling and budget-friendly options, there's no better time than now to secure your spot. Get ahead of the curve and book with us today to ensure you're always ready to handle any challenge that comes your way!


How long is the certification valid for after completing the Vital CPR/AED course?

Upon successful completion of the Vital CPR/AED course, participants receive a certified course completion card that is valid for 2 years.

What does the Workplace Violence Preparedness training cover?

The Workplace Violence Preparedness training empowers employees to recognize early warning signs of violence, understand effective responses, and covers topics like active shooter situations, bullying, and anger management. It helps meet legal requirements and create a safer work environment.

What is included in the BLS (Basic Life Support) course?

The BLS course covers CPR/AED skills for healthcare professionals, emergency choking relief techniques, and instructions on dispensing Narcan for opioid overdose. It includes workplace scenarios, skills practice, written exams, and certification card management.